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Non-conventional animal print

When I think animal print, typically I think leopard print or maybe snakeskin… But Friday at work my boss was wearing a green shift style shirt with a flamingo print! Random much. Where did these actual prints of animals come from? I don’t really follow catwalk fashion , I kinda just do my own thing – so can someone help a clueless girl out. Yes, this dress has HORSES on it… 🙂


I’ve never really had a blog blog. I mean, I have a tumblr but my main use of it is reblogging pretty pictures and having the occasional rant about whatever is bugging me that particular second in time. But this fresh new blog will be all about something I love – fashion and styling. 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of ‘what I wore’ blogs – they give me so many ideas and inspire me to try new styles. Bit about me – I’m 24 years old, work in the emergency department of a hospital (eek!), live with my gorgeous girlfriend and our two cats and I studied journalism at uni. Simple.