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Chicks Who Rock! 

Women can be pretty amazing. I am so lucky to have a wonderful bunch around me, but it isn’t just those is my immediate circle that inspire me and push me to achieve. This isn’t a serious post about who has inspired me to become a better person or anything, because I can only credit my family and friends (and living) for that, this is a bit of a short and sweet fan girl post about celebs and people in the lime light who I draw from in my creative path, those who I feel can help change the world or who have already influenced the way I think about stuff. Basically a list of chicks who rock. 

Style Icons II

Such a pretty day today – love Spring. Just got back from brunching with my friend B (same chicky who bought me my heart necklace from yesterday’s post) and I had the yummiest poached eggs with mushrooms and feta on sourdough. Perth people check out Tuck Shop Cafe on Newcastle Street in Northbridge – yummy food and really good service! Anywho thought i’d get onto Part 2 of my style icons posts before I have to get ready for work this evening. Whitney Port Of all the chicks from ‘The Hills’ Whitney was always my favourite – for one she was actually a nice person (or so it seemed) and she was never ridiculously dramatic or bitchy like the rest of them. And she knows how to dress. I love that her style is carefree and feminine and she’s not afraid to try something different or go that extra step with accessories or bold lips. Alexa Chung She’s just so cool. Can’t even describe it, her look is just so effortless and she always pulls …