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A “hipster” guide to Singapore 

Whether you like it or not the “hipster” is still alive and kicking, and whilst most people find them frustratingly “cool” and left of field, you’ve got to appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, artsy shopping experiences and well poached eggs. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a wanky bastard when it comes to eating out (no Dome for this girl) and I love discovering new and quirky spots to eat, drink and play. Whilst traveling in Singapore last week this didn’t change, and poor E was dragged along to discover “hipster Singapore”, and I’ll admit I was pretty impressed.

And in LOL worthy fashion news…

Converse have just released a line of pre-worn looking sneakers… Um, ew. Something for their “individual ” hipster clients I assume… How about wearing in your shoes? Do we need someone to do that for us now? And… Leather track suit pants are in. Apparently local Aussie labels are giving the ladies what they desire in life (um ok) and leather trackies made the list. I understand comfort, but what???!!!