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Winter work wear essentials you need this season!

Winter is coming! Well, it is in Perth anyway! The mornings have been colder, the sun is taking a lot longer to rise and I’ve found myself dressing a lot warmer than I have been recently. Boo! There are a few things I like about Winter, including rain on the roof at night, puddles and whipping out the thicker doona, but that’s pretty much it! I struggle to find motivation in the colder months, especially when it comes to putting together work outfits. Summer is so much simpler – pop on a dress and away you go. But in the cooler months you have to really put together your looks and consider the possible downpours and icy winds you may encounter! I’ve put together this post sharing my Autumn and Winter work wear essentials for those of you like me who struggle with their “semi-corporate” wardrobe as soon as the temperature plummets.