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Trending: High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Once upon a time there was a pair of jeans that served not one, but two booty’s. The first booty treated the jeans with TLC and never let itself increase in size to ruin the perfect pants. But when the first booty shrunk it was time for the jeans to meet booty number two – a bit of a jelly butt with many a curve. The funny thing is the second booty was a completely different shape to the first, yet the jeans fit them both as if they were made for them, and only them.

Blue Jean Baby

I am so paranoid about my legs in skinny jeans. Yes, even black skinnies. I’m worried my cellulite will god forbid be visible through them or something ridiculous, so yeah I only wear black ones. But recently I noticed one of my friends posted an indie Instagram snap of her brand new bright blue jeans. I love the idea of colourful, bright jeans. This seasons bold thing is much my thing. After much encouragement from my girlfriend I tried on and purchased a pair of cobalt blue jeans… And do I love them. Yes, I still had to ask 100 times if my chunky thighs were visible in them (I think she’s sick of me talking bout them today) but I wore them this eve for drinks with friends and felt fab. And better yet, they were $15 from Kmarts new bold range. Think I’ll have to get a burgundy pair next! xx E