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Ward away the evil spirits…

Thought I’d share this necklace my friend B bought me for my birthday last year. I came across it cleaning out my six ton of jewelry cos my girl and I have to move house at the beginning of October. The heart is actually filled with rosemary and fennel to ward off the evil spirits (not that I’m a big believer in that kinda thing but what a lovely thought!) and promote courage. Aren’t my friends sweet! Teamed with a black blouse and high waisted skirt I’ll be promoting good and warding off the bad at work today. Pretty perfect for a hospital right? 🙂 E x

DIY Button Earrings

Etsy is one of my favourite online haunts. My cart is filled to the brim with vintage wiggle skirts, geeky gift ideas for my girlfriend and button earrings. Yes, button earrings. But majority are over in the US & UK and with postage and stuff they’re just not worth the price. So I decided to make my own 🙂 My sister L and I spent hours in Spotlight picking buttons – and now I know why the Etsy peeps charge so much for their DIY goodness – buttons can be effing expensive! I paid $5 AUD for ONE BUTTON! Not a set, one! Thankfully my Mum the craft queen has six thousand stray buttons at home so she send a whole heap up so I didn’t have to spend a weeks pay on the tiny things. Note: strong glue is recommended! I had to redo them as I used the wrong glue the first time. Fiddly job , but good turn out hey? Em x