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Brunch Club: The Lion & Jaguar, Subiaco

Stepping into Subiaco’s new breakfast spot The Lion & Jaguar is like stepping into an African safari. The new addition to the suburb is nestled in the arcade near the train station, and even though I don’t visit Subiaco too often I couldn’t miss the fluffy animal print stools spilling onto the street from the small, but festive cafe.

Brunch Club: Cuppa Joe, North Perth

Give me sunshine and a good coffee and I’m one happy girl. This particular morning saw V, Lu and I gather in North Perth for a gossip session and a tasty breakfast. I’d been itching to visit the cafe, assuming a coffee shop with the name Cuppa Joe would serve a good cuppa joe. And I was right. Although I hadn’t heard too much about the cafe we were keen to give it a shot, and Urbanspoon’s rating sealed the deal. The bright, stylish eatery is located just off Scarborough Beach Road and although it was a little bit hard to find (thanks GPS), it was well worth the semi-confusing city drive.

Lovely Saturday.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually blogged on my MacBook before. Usually my posts are late night, after work, quick things on the iPhone. But to actually be on my computer is wonderful (oh how I love lazy weekends with time to actually boot up!). Gorgeous weather today. So nice to not be either A. hung over after a big night out or B. exhausted after a late shift at work. This morning E and I had a small sleep in (and by that we were up at 9 to the meowing of our annoying but cute kitten Onion) and ventured to Vic Park for brunch. Since moving to South Perth we’ve only been out once for brunch – on a lazy Friday we both had off, 2km down the road to Millpoint Caffe Bookshop, a bright purple food and book haven 1 minute drive from our house (no, we didn’t drive, we’re lazy, we like the comfort of airconditioning and music). Brunch is my FAVOURITE meal of the day and I love getting up …