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autumn leaves – march in a blog post

this month I’ve been… listening to: diplo, mackelmore & ryan lewis, mikky echo, baauer & old school fall out boy reading: lipstick jungle by candace bushnell & dirty red by tarryn fisher wasting time on iPhone apps: cooking dash & possé eating: hot cross buns, vegemite toast & cadbury egg and spoon watching: america’s next top model college addition, shortland street & underemployed hanging out: in funky little cafes drinking good coffee, on friends balconies with cider and cigarettes & on my couch with my boo & our kitties excited for: new opportunities, my birthday & getting my drink on tomorrow night loving: nudie smoothies, my girlfriend & the rain march on instagram – macaron noms @ DJ’s surprise birthday, winter weather means hat time, creepy kewpies at kooky cafes & a sex and the city wedding dress at the unveiled wedding dresses through the ages exhibit xx E

LF: a full wallet

I have $2500 worth of dresses sitting in my ASOS cart… If anyone has a spare wad of cash I’m willing to take it off your hands 🙂 Tis been a long time between blogs. Same old – work is busy, weekends are crammed with sleeping and seeing friends, and my nights have been spent trolling buzzfeed and pinterest to try and put me to sleep after late shifts. Oh and of course giving my lady lots of snuggles. I picked up the bluest, cutest tulip dress for only $20 at KMART of all places last week. GF wanted to pick up some things for her sisters baby shower and I spotted the dress and had to have it for work. I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received in a Kmart dress. Was crazy. Think i’ll have to pop back for the black and houndstooth print versions. Bargain. I’m also in a bit of a floral phase again much to E’s dismay, my 2 year anniversary present for feb was free reign of her …

Counting calories.

The weather is freaking me out. It’s November and this is one of the creepiest, windiest nights we’ve had all year – the apocalypse is coming! Nothing much to report. E & I are chomping through Michelle Bridges’ 12 week weight loss challenge. Loving the food but can’t quite motivate myself to exercise! 😦 Bought the most pretty shirt from Target of all places on the weekend just gone. It’s my size but the sizing seems so off and it really doesn’t fit nicely 😦 Hopefully all this dieting will help my arms shrink so I can wear it! Saw Breaking Dawn pt 2 Sunday – really wasn’t that fab. Never read the books so I had no idea what to expect but really wasn’t that good! Also saw Perks Of Being A Wallflower and Bachelorette last week – both so good! We’ve been lazy haha. Till next time, E xx Ps – pictures explained … 1.Me off to our friends engagement party Saturday in ASOS goodness, 2. my little sweet kitten snuggling her fave …