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Rainbow of thoughts. 

About 80% of my Facebook friends are currently sporting a rainbow stained profile picture in support of equal marriage rights. That 80% are a mixture of both gay and straight people, some married, some single, some over 30, some under. People from all different walks of life, but share one thing in common – they all believe in the right to live equally. As I scrolled through my feed over the weekend, colour is basically all I saw, and it was so beautiful to see the amount of support floating around. I know some of you may disagree, but the US taking the step and breaking down barriers is a huge leap for human rights. Not just gay rights, human rights. Because at the end of the day we are all the same. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to politics and religion but I know love, and as I said on my personal Facebook page this week if I ever want to start planning a wedding it is already going to be an …


I learnt something about myself this week; even when I’m run down, exhausted and sick, I can’t sit still. To the point of being bed ridden and not being able to relax, pushing myself to try and finish a book, write a blog post and even attempt to bake a cake (um gross). I need to dedicate more time to nothing or I’m going to be grey by next year.


With the weather getting colder I’ve just felt like chilling in trackies on the couch. Glamorous I know, but I’m a homebody at heart! Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked and this femme has been run off her feet. Tea and comfy clothes can wait!

Ward away the evil spirits…

Thought I’d share this necklace my friend B bought me for my birthday last year. I came across it cleaning out my six ton of jewelry cos my girl and I have to move house at the beginning of October. The heart is actually filled with rosemary and fennel to ward off the evil spirits (not that I’m a big believer in that kinda thing but what a lovely thought!) and promote courage. Aren’t my friends sweet! Teamed with a black blouse and high waisted skirt I’ll be promoting good and warding off the bad at work today. Pretty perfect for a hospital right? 🙂 E x