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Frocktober 2015

October is fast approaching (I know right, where did the year go), and from now on the month will no longer be known as its given name. Because October is Frocktober month. Frocktober raises funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. The original Frocktober challenge is to wear a dress every day for the month of October, but you can mix it up any way you like! Here’s a little bit of info from the Frocktober website. Frocktober raises funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research, through dress-related fun! In the month of October, we encourage people all over Australia to wear frocks, make frocks, draw frocks, remember frocks and hold frock-related events in the name of this important cause. There is currently no early detection test for ovarian cancer. This Frocktober is your chance to change this story. Instead of buying something new this Frocktober, we want you to get creative. Frocktober is about re-finding something old, borrowing from friends and family, or discovering something at the op shop. It’s a Frockin’ good …

Frocktober 2014 – it’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap! Frocktober is over and as lovely as it was to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and get dolled up daily I can’t wait to get back into my jeans! Being the cheeky girl I am I missed the final day of Frocktober due to being a little busy getting my wisdom teeth removed, so thirty days of dresses it was and as soon as my head is back to normal and my face has gone down I’ll start doing the calculations for the donations heading to KimbaLikes and The Fashionable Mum.