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#everydaystyle January 2016 

If you don’t follow my Instagram you probably wouldn’t know I’ve been photographing my daily outfits. Nearly every single day! Why? Because one of my favourite bloggers Nikki at Styling You started a very cool challenge a few years back and I’ve decided to take part this year.

What I Wore: Frocktober Week 1

If you follow my Instagram account you would have noticed my feed has been filled with a handful of selfies in frocks. Every single day of the week. Why? Because October is actually Frocktober, the biggest fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Women from all over the country don frocks in support of the charity, creating fundraising pages for their family, friends and internet buddies to donate. Wearing a frock every day isn’t as easy as you may think! Especially since the weather has been temperamental in Perth and majority of my days are spent at work so I need to be work appropriate too! Plus I’ve had to shave my legs daily and get up early to take a picture. Haha, but I don’t mind because the cause is so important, especially as women’s cancer unfortunately runs in my family and if we can band together and raise money for much needed research, hopefully one day medical professionals will know more about the silent killer. Here’s my first week of Frocktober goodness. DAY …

Bloggers, body image and being you ; a fashion intervention.

Today’s subject is something I’m pretty passionate about; feeling comfortable in your own skin. I didn’t have the best teenage years (who does?) in regard to positive body image and finding my style. I was the biggest girl in my class and being from a small country town there were not a lot of choices when it came to clothes shopping (Target Country anyone?). Plus there was more than one moment I cried in frustration about the trendiest items not fitting me and having to wear something suited to a more older lady. It was kind of horrible. If I could change anything about that time I wish I could have told myself I didn’t need to try and jump into every trend that went by. I wish I could have told myself how important it was to be an individual and I wish I could have relaxed a little when it came to fashion choices. Life is about having fun, not crying over ill fitting jeans. These days I have more of a positive …