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LUSH x BUA 1st birthday! 

Happy Birthday BUA! If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’d know who Bloggers United Australia are, but if you don’t I’ll quickly fill you in. BUA is a online blogging community for every kind of blogger. A place to connect, make friendships, ask questions, help people out. It’s great! Advertisements

Bloggers, body image and being you ; a fashion intervention.

Today’s subject is something I’m pretty passionate about; feeling comfortable in your own skin. I didn’t have the best teenage years (who does?) in regard to positive body image and finding my style. I was the biggest girl in my class and being from a small country town there were not a lot of choices when it came to clothes shopping (Target Country anyone?). Plus there was more than one moment I cried in frustration about the trendiest items not fitting me and having to wear something suited to a more older lady. It was kind of horrible. If I could change anything about that time I wish I could have told myself I didn’t need to try and jump into every trend that went by. I wish I could have told myself how important it was to be an individual and I wish I could have relaxed a little when it came to fashion choices. Life is about having fun, not crying over ill fitting jeans. These days I have more of a positive …

Flatlay 101 : how to lay like a fashion blogger 

Bloggers are doing it. Brands are doing it. Your best mate is doing it. So why are people laying out their items in an organised and stylish manner and photographing it? It’s called “Flatlay”, and it’s the latest (and most trendy) way to display your loot in a cool and fashionable way. I recently attended a workshop dedicated to all things photography and social media based, focusing on the perfect way to flatlay. Perth flaylay queen Claire Mueller and creative brain, blogger and stylist Emma Bergmeier-Varian provided a bunch of budding “flatlayers” with their top tips for the art, and it’d be rude if I didn’t share! Behold the art of flatlay! 1. Build a story  What do you want to convey to your audience? Is there a specific item or new purchase you want to show the lime light? Is it all about that amazing new pair of shoes you got? What else would you wear with them? Build a story around the object. For example a fabulous print tee would look perfect with …