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Three killer brunch spots to try in Perth this weekend!

With weekend shifts aplenty at work as of late my brunch game has been failing! Scandalous, I know. I’ve self dubbed myself the Queen of Brunch and it’s one title I need to keep, hahaha. In the last few weeks I’ve been brunching at every chance and here are a few standouts for you guys to check out on your next brunch adventure. Be warned, drool worthy pictures ahead!

Perth Brunch Club: The Partisan, East Perth

Looking for a Perth cafe and restaurant with a water view but don’t want to drive all the way to the beach? Claisebrook Lake in East Perth is an inner city gem with a stunning view, right in the middle of our pretty city. It’s one of those perfect brunch locations that caters for every kind of foodie, with cafes, burger bars, pubs and more all in one location, and on this particular visit to the beautiful spot we couldn’t pass up trying The Partisan.

Perth Brunch Club: Pixel Coffee Brewers, Leederville

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but easier said than done, especially when it comes to food. Pretty food is always going to be lusted over and eaten first – that is probably why #foodporn is such a massive hashtag on Instagram. So where did I visit over the weekend for the superficial reason that the food snaps I had seen were absolutely beautiful? Pixel Coffee Brewers in Leederville. The hole in the wall has been around for a little while now, but is still super busy in peak times and my friends L and V and I were lucky to squish onto the end of a communal dining table on this particular Saturday morning.  The interiors are simply stunning at Pixel. The space is light, bright and airy with plenty of floral inspiration and modern nick nacks gracing the wooden tables. The communal dining vibe is very present, but if you’re feeling a more private breakfast they do have smaller tables for two. There are even a few quirky chairs …

Perth Brunch Club: Three new(ish) spots to check out this weekend

This weekend is set to be another crazy busy ride for me (family dinner, Rottnest trip, hangs with mates, Bloggers Bloom Together event), but even at the busiest of times, you still have to eat, right? Correct. I’ve been on my usual foodie adventures as of late, zipping around from suburb to suburb, trying the coolest new spots (and my usual favourites), meeting up with friends, spending time with my E, all over a strong coffee and plates of delicious treats. Food brings people together, and if your Zomato wish list is as long as mine you better get started this weekend. Here are three stand out places I’ve been frequenting as of late.

Perth Brunch Club: Kettle Cafe, Lathlain 

Kettle Cafe is a hip little eatery in the suburbs that would fit in perfectly in a burb like Vic Park or Mount Lawley. Thankfully it’s not though, and is only a five minute drive from home. Yay. Totally dog friendly (I think we counted six the morning we were there) and with the option to sit in or outside, it’s a super cute spot for a bite to eat. Set across the road from a park, the menu is packed with healthy eats, exotic specials and the usual breakfast fare.