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Welcome Back Milk! | Lacto-Free Review

I thought I’d start this post with a warning. It may contain content you might not be too keen on, especially since you might be reading this first thing with a cup of coffee. Let’s talk about lactose intolerance.  I can’t even remember when my body stopped “liking” milk products. It’s been that long. First it was regular milk, then came yoghurt and ice-cream and don’t even ask me about excessive amounts of cheese. My Mum always drank soy milk in her coffee back in the day, but as a child I hated soy. I didn’t want to find an alternative so I rebelled for a while. I kept drinking milk, I gorged on ice-cream and ate cheese by the chunk (don’t you do that?). My body hated me. I was constantly bloated and nauseated, I was back and forth to the loo post binge and I was irritable and generally unwell. So I had to move away from milk which really pissed me off, because I loved dairy products!  Besides the obvious of not …

Lusting Over: Coco Vodka

Roll back eight years and I was out on the town nearly every night with friends, dancing until dawn and drinking whatever was the cheapest option that evening (usually Passion Pop, ew). These days I prefer a few drinks with close friends and something I actually enjoy drinking. Introducing my new favourite go to beverage – Coco Vodka. Sounds delicious already, right?

Brunch Club Perth: July/August Breakfast Favourites

Life has just been so insanely busy lately I haven’t had much of a chance to dine out in true food reviewer form. I know right? Blogger blasphemy! I love a good cafe visit, but every time I have dined out recently it has been an eat and run moment. Or a catch up with friends moment. Or a “I am so hungry I can’t be bothered photographing my food until it’s cold” moment. No staged pictures, no “styling” the table. Just good old fashioned nomming. But I thought I’d share a few spots I’ve recently visited (in non blogger style).

BEAUTY REVIEW: Muk Hair Care for a winter revamp

Dramatically changing your hair colour is not something to be taken lightly. Besides the obvious management of regrowth, fading colour and fortnightly top ups, you also have to consider who and what you’re putting in your mane. Thankfully my hairdresser was very specific with the products I can and cannot use on my hair. Or more so should and should not use. Because she’s not the hair police… (all of the time anyway)! One brand that made the “yes Em, you can use it” list was haircare specialists Muk. Known for salon quality products at decent prices, I was pleased to hear my hairdresser herself is a fan of the brand, so I was safe! After returning from a tropical temp vaycay in Vietnam and Cambodia, my poor hair was a mess. Already a little dry post strip and dip, I desperately needed help on arrival home. And with Winter weather creeping in I knew it’d only get worse. Dodgy weather = damaged locks, and there is only one way to fix it – hair …

Brunch Club: Tarts Cafe, Northbridge 

A friends birthday is the perfect excuse to gather the troops and discover a new (to us anyway) cafe! Last weekend saw my lovely friend F celebrate another birthday, in style of course, and the first stop on “The Day Of F” was a lovely foodie gathering at Northbridge’s Tarts Cafe. With an extensive menu and reviews to boot it was the perfect spot for celebration.