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Beauty Empties #1

Confession. I’m becoming more addicted to skin care and beauty products than ever before. Whenever I enter a chemist, supermarket, department store or beauty related shop I feel the need to buy something to add to my growing collection. This week alone I’ve purchased two kinds of face masks, a new night cream, rose hip oil, organic cleanser and toner, tinted lip balm, mascara, cleansing wipes, tinted moisturiser and make up pads!

BEAUTY REVIEW: Lush Cosmetics for sensitive skin 

As much as I love trying new beauty and skin care products it’s not always an easy process. Troublesome skin due to a pesky autoimmune syndrome can be a total hindrance especially because I’m one of those people who needs to try everything! When the lovely Annie at Lush Hay Street Plaza Arcade contacted me to pop down for a consultation I was little bit frightened – would Lush’s skin care products upset my skin? I don’t know why I was worried because the gorgeous global beauty company is pretty much nasty free in all senses. No animal testing. Organic products created from nature. Fair trade. The list goes on! Lush’s products can only be described in one word – luscious. The staff are friendly and very well educated on the range, the products are cute as a button, and my sensitive skin was forgotten because everything I tried (and I tried a lot of products) left my skin feeling soft, supple and sexy! No redness or irritation, I’ve found a new beauty heaven. I …

DIY Beauty: Turmeric Fask Mask

Is it just me, or with the bizarre change in the weather lately has your skin been temperamental too? I’m very thankful that my face is usually pretty clear, but with the wacky wind over the weekend (besides suffering from the sniffles) I can now feel a few spots coming up. And the lovely one I found under my nose today totally needs banishing! Eww. When I can, I love creating magical potions from my own fridge and pantry. Why bother paying for a face mask when you can make your own at home? I used to love getting into the kitchen and creating my own DIY beauty products and getting back into it feels great! I forgot how easy it is to make your own natural stuff, plus it’s a good way to use up random food products like that Greek yoghurt you purchased for a recipe and used one teaspoon of! Turmeric is one of my favourite spices. When I’m not using it in a curry (yes I love to cook too), it’s …