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Where do you blog?

If you didn’t know, E and I live in a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment. So small that majority of our furniture lives all over the district, stored with different family members. It’s perfect for us because it is in prime location, we have river views from the driveway and the rent is quite low. Whilst there are so many perks to living “compact” we don’t have a second bedroom to use as an office so ALL of my blogging is completed on the couch, in my bed or wherever I’m sitting when inspiration strikes. But this weekend E and I worked out we had the room in our bedroom for a desk, and you have no idea how ecstatic that made me. I was finally going to have my own blogging corner! I’m pretty easy to please!

Like It Local: Carris Creatures

I spend ages choosing greeting cards for my people. l look for something eccentric, personal and not your run of the mill Hallmark. I like cards that speak from the heart and have that extra little bit of quirk. And of course, I love shopping local. When E and I celebrated our three year anniversary in February, I knew the card needed to be something special. Something meaningful and very “us”.