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CREATIVE CONVERSATION | Kristy @ Flights of Fancy

I love creative folk. There is just something about them that makes me smile. Is it their passion? Probably. Is it their eye for the finest of details? Totally. Is it their drive to get themselves out there to share what they love. Absolutely. But first and foremost, they inspire me to grow and see the world in more colour than ever before. Perth may be small, but it’s filled with creative sparks lighting up the scene, and the city. And why not share that light with you guys?

Autumn Style Challenge with April Nicoll Stylist #aprilsautumnchallenge

If you’re ever in need of “style inspiration”, especially when you are sick and tired of your wardrobe and you need to mix it up a little, Instagram is the place to go. There is always some kind of fashion challenge going down, prompting you to get creative and try new things with the items you already own. And for someone like me they are a great push to wear some of the items you have no idea how to style or if you’re guilty of over wearing certain favourite bits and pieces.