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Say what?

I learnt a new word last week. Woe. Not wow, not woo. Woe. Racking my brain to figure out what it meant I was stumped – what the eff does woe mean? I used to be totally up with the lingo, but apparently I’m not longer a cool kid and this red faced girl had to ask for an explanation. Awkward.

Taking Stock 05

Can you believe it’s already October? When I think about how fast this year has flown by I feel very nervous. Christmas is just around the corner, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be working this year. Unfortunately the emergency department never sleeps and someone has got to man the desk so pretty sure I’ll be rocking a Santa hat at work on December 25. I’m pretty upset/annoyed about it but I guess I’ve just got to suck it up – at least I’m not a patient in the hospital! With a new season and more fun on the way I though it was time to take stock.